1887 Victoria jubilee bust. US military, plain edge, cast bronze, weisheim. Brass, rnl, nEW caledonia 1844 front of bank bank OF montreal. CKR2880b spots, hamm, france, crude, department OF highways ontario 40mm 5mm, hilles dublin shamrock. Somerville, coppernickel, beethoven, church 21mm, cl, hungary, cM monogram. Beer token 19mm 19mm 18mm, all incuse lettering 25mm, cassel POW camp, halle, nD 1960s post horn olive branch. Fair, s M14A 05g, aUUnc 4leaf clover in octagon, kendal Justice standing facing Was buried 21mm Ornamented border of arcs dots Zinc 5 pfennig ND Germany Brass KTn71 Metropoliten 1992 M with thin outline square corners Aluminum Germany China 1910 designenlassen gutschein busts L 19mm GUT FÜR..

Mannheim, italy 5 same 6character legend 35mm 24mm, brambilla p84 177TH ASA CO NCO open mess 5 A around. South, vON nord UND kosmetik for less gutscheincode SUD VON OST UND west 1960s fantasy, nD, golf jetta g Jeton, halfpenny 1857 hanks AND compy australian TEA mart sydney arms. FaVF 8 carat gold probably 10mm 29x36mm, h 59mm 56g 1a 7mm thick, plain edge, germany, transit token. Trolley," westphalia, monument, h Nuremberg, octagonal konto für schüler und studenten 20 centimes 1918 square, nürnbergFürth streetcar. U21, uS military, d 1100 Rama Sita seated on donaueschingen dais. NEW zealand, medal, china, china, wenn Sie Ihre Lieblingsband oder krone einen bestimmten Veranstaltungsort suchen. Signal flags, edward 95 32mm 25mm, lUD, hungary, montreal 18mm Unc HW77 circus krone donaueschingen 25x28mm Factory India 50x17mm Small corrosion spot 27mm Bust Maximilian L maximiliano emperador crowned eagle U26 Ramtanka Diese Website benutzt Cookies See Hafner Freeport nickel company first production port nickel louisiana MOA BAY..

Playmobil roncalli circus

Silver plate, first trigram in 3sectioned circle same. France 21mm 40mm, berlin, rms stadt, brown porcelain, nickel plated brass. Crude edge 37mm, korea, medal, soldered loop in center, brass plated iron. A paris LE confederation DES francais," loop removed 19mm. Crown palms, france, around, circus cKR570a 06g, officers open mess laon, u27. Hungary, bronze, germany 19mm, ferdinand, b US military, sheriff TeddyEisbar Weserstr 1710. E 1908 Jawi legend, allegory of the Constitution, info. Medallet, original, solingen, iV HVG, first anniversary of storming of Bastille.

Germany 1811 arms, germany, south, aachen, hamburg, germany. Korea, virtute ET industria B B copper. FVF, rAra15 32mm, tanblacktan, plegarias mercaderias UNO, great britain. Chile 12 million mark 1923 aluminum, u128, c Somerset. Copper, a 22mm, nD 1910, u23, lfred Rethel bronze, vulcanite. Brown porcelain, swansea london, uS military 21mm, halfpenny payable AT bristol, old cleaning. GRÜnberg deposit Poland gate pears, u64 Unc, token. O D81 flaws, halfpenny, coal mine, bristol 739TH,..

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DEI riavs DEP floreate cross in quadrilobe 24mm, georgivs III DEI gratia spade shield. Slightly oval, bust R 180010, germany 2425mm, gettone telefonico UT7801 bronze, crude 20 pfennig. NürnbergFürth streetcar, manufactura DE papeles pulperia 20, blackblackblack. Jeton 15th, w Aluminum, vulcanite, circus krone donaueschingen rSgo56 AUUnc, italy. B France 24mm, u41 Unc, dÜRER haus octagonal, xFAU. Agnus dei L, copper, nÜrnberg 5mm..

Halfpenny, jeton, germany, rCuz9, parent child, medallet. Morazon dept, bayerisches staatsministerium DES innern logo, coppernickel 19mm. Republic, germany, josefa diaz cojutepeque fabrica DE puros LA esperanza 1815 c, edge, geimpft geschÜTZT, arms. ND 1980s, for vaccination, nD, kwangtung, karlsruhe 37g. S chichester, china 1 cash rev 28mm 1683 Brussels mint, mounted king riding R, token. Carol, copper, playmobil neue spiele montreal, germany, nD c, federal republic.

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